About us

Milieu Centraal is a public information organisation. Our mission is to enable consumers to make sustainable choices. Our information is independent, reliable and practical. We have no commercial interests.

There are many websites and online fora offering consumers information about sustainable living. As a public information body Milieu Centraal differs from these in that it provides information that is independent, reliable and practical. Purely about the environment and with no commercial interest involved, in the realisation that money, time, simplicity and comfort are also important to consumers.


Milieu Centraal is an independent organisation: it is not a mouthpiece for government, business or activists. This is reflected in the fact that it has a managing director, a supervisory board and an independent scientific advisory board which verifies the environmental information provided. Only information that has been validated is used in our websites, apps, and campaigns as well as our online tests and tailored advice.


The government provides funding for the public information work of Milieu Centraal. Projects carried out with companies and civic organisations provide an additional source of income. These projects are always conducted on the basis of Milieu Centraal's independent expertise.

Scientific research

All the tips and recommendations made by Milieu Centraal are supported by scientific research. Milieu Centraal's research team ensures that its knowledge base is always up-to-date. That knowledge is held in 'source documents' for each topic. A public consultation process which includes businesses, industry sectors and civic organisations adds to the diversity and public acceptance of new insights. A scientific advisory board – whose members are all associated with a research institute or university - provides the final step in safeguarding quality.

What do we do?

Milieu Centraal provides tips, advice and background information on important environmental topics, such as energy conservation, sustainable energy, transport, food and waste. This information provides consumers with a starting point when it comes to doing something about environmental issues themselves. To reach people Milieu Centraal uses its own media (such as websites, apps and social media), publicity in other media, and works closely with other organisations.


Close cooperation between civil society, business and the government is necessary to ensure that consumers are provided with clear and consistent information. This makes activities aimed at promoting sustainable choices more effective. Milieu Centraal is happy to work with other organisations and provide them with support. Our list of partners provides examples of such cooperation.